Atelier Michael Lin
Kit Hammonds
Forever and a day : on Michael Lin’s contemporaneity
Joselina Cruz
Bruce Grenville
A Modest Veil
Martina Koppel-Yang
Stage 2
Mathieu Borysevicz
Parking Lots
Frances Stark
The Architect & the Housewife
Cécile Bourne
Tu parles / J’écoute
Yuko Hasegawa
A Lived House
Pauline J. Yao
No longer can anything exist in isolation
Hou Hanrou
Model Home for A New Common
Alexandra Munroe
Model Home
Annette Tietenberg
It’s all over now, Baby Blue
Vivian Rehberg
On the place of painting in the work of Michael Lin
Hou Hanru
Michael Lin, public artist
Nicolas Bourriaud
Michael Lin and the Concept of Ambience
Jerome Sans
David Ho Yeung Chan
What a difference a day made
Gerald Matt
Conversation with Michael Lin
Vivian Rehberg
Language of Flowers
Hou Hanru
What about sleeping in a show?
Bronwyn Mahoney
Patterns of Thought : the installations of Michael Lin
Rhana Devenport
The Painted Garden